When I'm with my clients, I'm totally in the flow. You have my complete focus, presence, and acceptance. We get comfortable being open and vulnerable together and so we laugh, we cry, we get real. I will lovingly push you to challenge your thinking, to explore and grow. If you're open to a creative approach within the bounds of traditional therapy, we may be a good fit.

For example, clients and I have: had a session in an art gallery; practiced outdoor walking meditation and often spend time in my garden; re-enacted dreams; visualization to create ideal mother; quasi-hypnotic childhood exploration; experienced safety in the body; visual explorations into subconscious.

Some recent topics include: masculine/feminine energy, when to leave a relationship, feeling worthy of love, discovering passion / purpose, being in denial, de-shaming sexual fantasies, healthy boundaries, codependency, how to manifest using law of attraction, tapping into your intuition, how to feel your heart, sexless marriage, no healthy relationship models.

Life plans not going as expected, Catholicism, difficulty making decisions, changing who you're attracted to, being single, body acceptance, love addiction, more feeling less thinking, sense of belonging, how your brain works against you.

I believe EMDR to be one of the most effective ways to heighten feeling, dislodge negative thinking, expand body awareness, recover memories, and heal from trauma. I practice it in an artful way. 

Start tuning into your intuition now .... Does this feel right? 

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