David Hockney, "Garrowby Hill"

David Hockney, "Garrowby Hill"

You may not know what to expect in a therapy session. We will spend a couple meetings getting to know each other. I will ask questions about your upbringing, about how you'd like to feel now, and what has helped you survive to this point. Because, let's face it - we all grew up in somewhat neurotic families in a crazy world. Stress, anxiety, and depression run through us all and we have not been taught the tools to cope. Learning how to let go of persistent, recurring thoughts is essential, as is healing the root cause of these feelings.

From what I've heard, many of us are dealing with similar kinds of struggles: How can I heal the part of me that makes me so dependent on being loved & accepted by others? What is the part that makes me feel I need validation from other people and things in order to feel ok? And what are the ways - addiction, distraction, denial - that I protect myself from feeling the pain of this? Many of us are disconnected from our bodies and our feelings, which keeps us disconnected from ourselves, each other, and the planet.

Our culture promotes this disembodiment. It allows us to walk by a homeless person on the street and not feel anything. There may be fear about opening up to our emotions, it may feel like too much work. But, maybe you believe me: You can change the way you react to your thoughts. You can feel better and more whole. You can create the life you want

Cognitive therapy is part of the process, but alone it is not enough. We'll find healing through practical and effective techniques such as EMDR, meditation, brain science, somatic bodywork, positive psychology, and with practices to move physical energy. 

I spent years in therapy talking and getting nowhere. I want that to be different for you. 

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