David Hockney, "Garrowby Hill"

David Hockney, "Garrowby Hill"

You may not know what to expect in a therapy session. We will spend a couple meetings getting to know each other. I will ask questions about your upbringing, about how you'd like to feel now, and what has helped you get to this point.

Because, let's face it - we all grew up in somewhat neurotic families in a crazy world. Stress, anxiety, and depression run through us all and we have not been taught the tools to cope.

From what I've heard, many of us are dealing with similar kinds of struggles:
What am I doing with my life?
Why do I feel vaguely depressed or anxious for no reason?

Why am I so dependent on being accepted by others?

There may be fear about opening these doors - it may feel like too much work, what’s the point? But, what’s the alternative? Living a half-awake life? Like you’re just floating along?

You can have satisfying relationships, feel comfortable in your own skin, increase joy & confidence.

You can figure out who the hell you are and what you’re doing here.

Talk therapy is part of the process, but alone it is not enough. We'll find direction through practical and effective techniques such as EMDR, meditation, brain science, somatic bodywork, positive psychology, and with practices to move physical energy. 

I spent years in therapy talking and getting nowhere. I want that to be different for you. 

I am so passionate about this work that I created Flow House where an amazing group of therapists and I use these ideas to help you find personal direction and peace within yourself.

If you're not quite ready to begin therapy, start here for ways to begin on your own and
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