Flow House Therapy

In March 2018, I opened Flow House, a Center for Holistic Psychotherapy in Venice, CA.  At Flow, we are  exploring traditional therapy, as well as integrative, modern techniques for healing. We have seen lasting benefits when cognitive therapy is combined with these additional therapies. 


Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing is a way of bypassing the conscious mind and getting to the emotional brain quicker than talk therapy alone. Very effective for healing trauma and ingrained negative beliefs. 


Ancient wisdom for the modern era. Learn how to notice and accept the present moment, open to the constant flow of change, and connect to yourself and the world. 

Somatic Experiencing 

Therapeutic mind-body approach to chronic stress and trauma. It involves "bottom-up processing," in which attention is primarily directed to the body's internal sensations, rather than cognitive or emotional experiencing. 


Traditional Chinese medicine practice which focuses on stimulating the nervous system. Used for anxiety, depression, pain management and reaching deeper levels of relaxation.


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