Be Unafraid of Your Interior Life

Edward Hopper, "Morning Sun"

Edward Hopper, "Morning Sun"

What would you hear if you allowed yourself to be in silence? What are you afraid to hear? 

With so much external stimulation these days, it can be difficult to put the phone down, turn off the TV, quiet the chatter in our heads and tune into ourselves. However, it is by being comfortable in silence with ourselves, even for a seconds at a time, that we discover our personal power and tune into our inner voices. 

Start by resisting the urge to pick up your phone when you're at a red light or standing in the grocery line. Instead, take a breath and focus on the present moment -- the people you see around you, the colors, the light, the sounds you hear, the sensations in your body. What is happening in this moment?

You're experiencing the moment, rather than being disconnected. 

Congratulations - you just began practicing Mindfulness!