Big Sur, CA

Big Sur, CA

"Jori changed my life.

After coming to her in pieces almost a year ago, she slowly helped put me back together, piece-by-piece, into a better and stronger version of the person I was before. She's incredibly open-minded, non-judgmental, and thoughtful. She helped me see things that I never noticed before, but became profound once I was aware. She taught me about self love and forgiveness, and how to be still and appreciate the quiet. On top of being incredible at what she does, she's also a great human and this world is lucky to have her.

I can say with complete confidence, that no matter what you might be struggling with, even if it's something that you don't think anyone is capable of helping you get through, Jori can help make it better. It might not happen in one session, but she will get you where you want and need to be. I promise. 

Also, she's cool AF."

- Elizabeth M., Creative Director 


"Jori is phenomenal.  Having worked with a handful of therapists, Jori is next level.  She is authentic, sincere and very skilled.  My favorite part is how she seamlessly switches between skills based on what the client needs.  She effortlessly thinks on her feet, makes the most of every minute in the session, and concisely pinpoints and paraphrases what I'm reaching to express.  I'm always blown away by her perception, empathy and breadth of knowledge.  She has been a priceless part of my growth and healing.  I know I can count on her to meet me where I'm at and make sense of it, on my schedule and my timeline.  I contacted her after suffering with PTSD, anxiety, and abusive relationships both in the workplace and domestically.  She's been a totem in helping me end cycles, love myself, and safely trust again."

- Jenny R., Artist



"At this year's end, I wanted to sincerely thank you for being a part of my life and personal development. You've brought so much insight, thoughtful perspective, practical advice, loving guidance, and a sense of personal comfort and peace to my life I didn't even realize I was missing or needed until I met you. Seeking direction/purpose and making that first phone call to you for support was one of the best decisions I made this year. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but you're truly gifted at what you do. I'm so grateful our paths have crossed. It's something I'm grateful for every single day." 

- Ashley H., Media Manager



"It was a late evening appointment and I was trying to talk about some stuff from childhood, but I could tell that I was blocked. “Wait, wait,” said Jori, as she turned off the lights and pulled out a light projector. All of a sudden the room turned into a planetarium, with thousands of stars and the galaxy crawling across the ceiling and walls. We both laid on the ground, on our backs, looking up at the stars. She didn’t say anything, didn’t push me. I can’t say exactly why, maybe because it evoked some childlike sense in me, but after awhile I felt much more open to my memories and met my feelings in a much deeper way. It was a very creative and effective use of therapy!"

- Taylor B., Personal Chef



"I want to express my sincerest gratitude as our session is still very top of mind for me today (in a really good, productive, important way). The safe, warm, inviting space you created for me yesterday had a profound impact on me and my ability to explore some new / old uncomfortable feelings. My life is very truly and notably different lately as I'm learning more about myself and becoming more deeply in tune with myself and the universe in ways I didn't know existed. Yesterday was another wonderful example of how you've helped show me this." 💗

- Tara B., Casting Director



"I'm so grateful that we met, Jori. Honestly I never imagined that I'd find someone that I could connect with as well as I have with you, Jori. You have a beautiful ability to navigate my thoughts and inspire me -- from the simplest ideas to the most grand. And you speak a unique language that so deeply resonates with me. Thank you for your advice, guidance, and support. I feel it every day in such a positive way." 

- BM, Restauranteur



"I had to text you. I had the difficult conversation last night and it went well. I feel amazing and so happy and strong. Thanks for giving me the courage to stand my ground and speak my feelings. I appreciate you more than you know." 

- JR, Clothing Designer 



"Just wanted to let you know that I have been having little breakthroughs throughout the whole day today! Our session was so incredibly helpful. A situation arose that normally makes me feel very uncomfortable, but this time I responded differently and gave ZERO fucks. It felt so great! Thank you!"

- SK, Filmmaker