1st Chakra 🍎
Perineum. Sits bones, base of spine down through the legs and feet









2nd Chakra 🔥
Pubic bone area, pelvic floor, sexual and reproductive organs









3rd Chakra☀️
Gut / stomach. Area between the rib cage








4th Chakra🌿













5th Chakra🌊










6th Chakra🔮
Third Eye












7th Chakra💎
Crown of head




Bright red foods from the earth, including red apple, cranberry, radishes, beets, red beans, lentils, watermelon, pomegranate, cherries, red berries. Food grown with deep tree roots or on a vine. Red herbal teas such as roobios or hibiscus. Harvest grains and other deeply rooted grains and proteins. Earthy mineral stews and broths. 


Orange foods like cumin, tumeric, ginger, carrots, peppers, squashes, oranges. Spices and teas that soothe elimination and balance hormones (calming). Foods with vitamins C, B, and A. 






Digestive-friendly foods, such as kefir, yogurt, oat bran. Lemon, melons, bananas, yellow vegetables. Avocado, fennel, mint. Light-green vegetables with a high water base (celery and cucumber). Healthy fats and oils. Soothing chamomile and herbal teas. 





Vibrant green nutrient-rich vegetables, cruciferous or leafy vegetables, clear water, healthy fats. Raw nuts. Decreased dairy. Green beans, lima beans. Water-based alkalizing fruits and vegetables (limes, green apples, zucchinis, celery). 







Clear nutritional whole foods from the earth with air and water elements and, very important, listening to what your body needs at any time and giving it precisely that. Blueberries. Clear liquids or broths. Herbal tea. Alkaline or mineral water. 




Water; raw nuts especially walnuts; sprouted nuts especially almonds. Metal detoxers from the ground, such as harvest grains and mushrooms. Clean organic meats. Freshwater fish. Plums, eggplants, goji berries. Pineapple and papaya. 





Water, purified or salt, absorbed through the skin or top of head/scalp; cleansing herbs; aloe vera; various seeds like chia and sesame; bone and vegetable broths; essential oils (topical) for balance or unity. 






Grounding down to earth by walking barefoot on soil, sand, or grass (possibly stomping around while asserting out loud, "I deserve to be here and I deserve to be happy!").
Visualize roots growing out of your feet down to the center of the earth, rooting you to its core and releasing any negative energy. Draw strong, positive earth energy up through your roots and into your body.
Learn to forgive those mistakes committed by caregivers in early childhood and learn to provide those things to yourself that instill a feeling of safety, security, and basic needs.
I am safe.
I know I'll be ok. 

Express yourself creatively / activate your senses - sing along to music, experiment in the kitchen, play with kids, dress up, dance, expand your imagination in a visualization, rearrange your furniture, garden.
Release anger. Throw a temper tantrum from one to five minutes. Lie on the ground and kick, scream, pound your fists into the floor.
Bring joy into your life. Less screen time. More time outdoors. Less comparing yourself to others. More discovering what makes you feel good. Novelty. Flow. Connection. Presence. Sensuality. Humor. Playfulness. Spontaneity.
I feel alive. 
I am joyful. 


Stand in front of a mirror every day. Make direct eye contact with yourself and say, "I'm learning to love this man (or woman) in the mirror." 
Appreciate your accomplishments daily - maybe the little ones you normally take for granted, like cooking dinner, taking out the trash or working to become a healthier person.
Learn to find that balance between caring for others and finding worth and empowering yourself. Don't confuse being needed with worthiness. 
I like myself.
I am enough. 


Close your eyes and think of someone or something that you feel unconditional love for (a child, a pet). Let that love fill up your heart and send it out to the rest of your body and to the world. 
You give energy out from your heart and receive energy through your back, the area between your shoulder blades. Every time someone gives you a compliment, even "Thank you!" or "Have a good day!" visualize or feel energy moving into your back like a large flock of birds or warm rain dripping in. Let it fill you up. Also, stand in the shower with your back facing the spray of water and practice receiving love.
I give love.
I receive love. 

Set an intention to be more truthful, brave, and honest in at least one interaction throughout the day. Also communicate using your actual voice, not email or text as often as you can. 
Speak your truth about the past and present ... about losses, dissatisfactions, expectations not met. And then forgive yourself and others.
Speak out loud in a made-up language using guttural sounds for one minute each day. You will release pent-up energy from when you held back your words.
I speak my truth.
I am letting go.

Close eyes, deepen breath. Ask open-ended questions like, "What is in my highest good to know about ____ at this time?" Tune into subtle sensations in your body, images, words flashing across your mind, sounds you hear. Open to symbolism.
Expand your third eye. Stand 3 feet away from a blank wall. Eyes closed or open. Visualize a white tunnel in the wall. It is cone-shaped and is narrower at the end farthest from you. It extends about 3 feet into the wall. Imagine the tunnel is spinning clockwise. See a 2 inch version of yourself standing in the tunnel; you are not spinning. Do this several minutes a day. 
I feel clear. 
I am intuitive. 

Close your eyes & gently tap on the top of your head with all 10 fingers. Imagine warm light flooding into the top of your head. Think of something or someone you really, really love. Imagine the love you have for this person or thing mixing with the warm light. Now think of yourself, and transform the love you have for this person or thing into love for yourself. 
Call in your support. Close your eyes, deepen breath. Visualize your guidance system surrounding you with love and wisdom. This can be loved ones who are in the afterlife, spirit guides/angels, spiritual figures like Buddha or a sense of presence / light. Sometimes I see Sean Connery as James Bond. Feel them and know they're here to help you through challenging times. 
I am not alone.
I am connected.