1st Chakra 🍎
Perineum. Sits bones, base of spine down through the legs and feet


2nd Chakra 🔥
Pubic bone area, pelvic floor, sexual and reproductive organs




3rd Chakra☀️
Gut / stomach. Area between the rib cage






4th Chakra🌿




5th Chakra🌊




6th Chakra🔮
Third Eye




7th Chakra💎
Crown of head





Hips, legs, knees, ankles, feet; joint pain; bones; tightness; sciatica; lower back*; colon and blood disorders


Lower back pain; ruptured discs in lumbar area; ovarian, cervical, prostate, bladder, and reproductive/infertility issues; endometriosis; hormone imbalance*; adrenal disease*; addictions; overemphasis on sexuality and self-pleasure; need to fit into a specific image; eating disorders; externally motivated


Gastro intenstinal issues; digestive issues; Celiac, Chron's; diabetes; chemical sensitivies; immune system; autoimmune diseases; acid reflux; Chronic fatigue syndrome; adrenal fatigue*; unhealthy sleep patterns; feeling stress in the nervous system; unhealthy sleep patterns; others taking advantage of your time and personal space; lack of giving eye contact


Heart; lungs; lymphatic system; circulation issues; upper back; shoulders*; tension in chest; panic; closed heart; feelings of isolation

Neck; thyroid; upper shoulders*; askew hormonal regulation*; mouth; jaw; speech; gingivitis; teeth; inability to speak up; skirting around the truth

Brain; Alzheimer's; migraines; headaches; hearing (tinnitus); ear infections; vision problems; asthma; sinus infections; neurosis


Skin (psoriasis, eczema, alopecia, hives, rash); MS; central nervous system (virus); numbing in nerves; feelings of being alone and unsupported in the world


*Some issues are governed by several chakras




Your roots, sense of safety, security, first memories. Your capacity to heal your relationship with your first family.


Your relationships to pleasure, yourself, others, and all things. Creativity. Your capacity to feel great passion and joy. 




Your power, worth, self-worth, boundaries, confidence. Your capacity to feel self-love. 









Love and your connection to and compassion for all living things. Your capacity to give and receive universal love. 



Speaking your truth, expressing yourself. Identifying your authentic life purpose and path. 



Your intuition, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and high creativity. Your capacity to trust your intuition. 



Your connection with higher energy, trusted guidance support, source. Your capacity to connect to spirit.