Law of Attraction: How to Manifest

Rachel Adler by Della Chen

Rachel Adler by Della Chen

Law of Attraction Post #2

The Law of Attraction is at once simple and complicated. In short, it's the idea that what you are giving attention to is what you will attract. By focusing on positive or negative thoughts, you bring positive or negative experiences into your life. When you feel good, you put out positive energy and attract goodness into your life; when you are depressed, there's a negative feeling around you and that's what keeps showing up. Makes sense, right? 

It gets more complicated when you actually try to put this into effect. It can be annoying when someone tells you to "Think positive thoughts!" Simply imagining yourself in a happy relationship with a flush bank account doesn't miraculously make these things appear. The key to The Law of Attraction is that it's not only about thinking - it's about feeling positivity, abundance, gratitude, generosity. Because it's when you really feel these ways, that's when things start to click into place for you. 

While it's important to set goals and articulate what you want, what's more important is to start generating the feelings that you will have when you get those things that you want. 

(1) Perhaps you are wanting to make changes in your life because you are unhappy and would like to feel differently. You may feel depressed or anxious and you may be distracting, numbing or avoiding these feelings. In order to healthfully move beyond this place, you may have to let yourself BE with these uncomfortable sensations for a bit. None of us wants to feel discomfort, but learning to build tolerance for this state teaches us how to ACCEPT our current reality. Peace comes from allowing and accepting life as it is, instead of thinking we need more or less of something in order to find happiness. You will be more open to manifesting what you want with The Law of Attraction if you come at it from a place of acceptance rather than running from something that you don't want. 

(2) During that process, start to awaken and open your heart, your body, and your senses. Do this by actively looking for small moments of pleasure, beauty, abundance, connection, peace and then heightening the experience and absorbing it into your body. Meter ran out and you came back to no ticket? Yes! You almost left your phone in the Uber, but you realized & stopped the driver before she took off? Phew! (You would certainly be bitching if it had gone the other way, so look for these small victories). Dog curls up at your feet? Mmmm. Someone smiles & waves when you let them into traffic? Sweet. Look for these little moments and when they happen imagine your body like a sponge soaking up the good feeling into your body, blood, bones. Imagine drinking a warm cup of tea and letting these experiences warm your body from the inside (see more here). Make an active effort to feel these small positive moments in your body. Try listening to a Loving Kindness meditation, an ancient tradition to open the heart. You can find plenty of guided meditations online. Some of my favorite teachers are Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Pema Chodron. 

(3) Explore what it is that you are truly seeking. What is the inner experience you're really craving? If you got the right partner, that financial security, success in your profession, the body you want, that child ... What would that give you that you're really wanting? Ask again, keep diving deeper. What is it that you're wanting to feel or experience? If you got that thing, how would you be different than you are now? Would it be that you could relax and enjoy moments? Would it be a feeling of belonging? Of being more alive, more at home? Of being good enough the way you are? Feel what you're really wanting. Is it a feeling of inner peace, happiness? A sense of safety, security? A sense of meaning or purpose? 

(4) When you have some sense of what you're really longing for, ask yourself: "How would life be if I felt that way? How would I be different? How would my life look different? What would my relationships be like? What would I be doing differently?" And then start bringing these changes - in behavior, in attitude, in feeling - into your life. This is how you start to make changes in small ways. Once you do, you will already be starting to feel better. And when you feel better, according to the Law of Attraction, is when better things come your way. 

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