1978. Born to Jewish atheists and raised in Boulder, Colorado. 

Totally clueless, numb, unaware of myself. 

Go through the motions of life. Over-achieve.

Blindly follow the path and become television producer. 

Feel like a fraud, phony. Know something is missing inside, but no idea how to figure that out. 

Try therapy. Get nothing out of it. 

Assume my life will always be this way. 

2007. 30 approaches. What am I doing? Who am I?? Find my way to Esalen. The stirring of awakening. 

2008. Leave my career in LA and move to Sonoma to attend graduate school in Counseling Psychology.

Feel an immediate and deep sense of rightness. 

Love, loss, grief, huge period of growth.

2012. Receive Somatic Experiencing. My chronic stomach aches cease as I begin to feel my emotions.

2013. Discover Buddhism and meditation and it's a total game changer. I start to loosen the grips of control and am rewarded with peace & freedom.

Live like a monk for almost two years - no alcohol, weed, social media, dating, sex, toxic friends. I meditate, I volunteer. I learn to be alone and detach from the life I thought I’d have.

I’m Happy.

2016. Find EMDR. Wow, who knew how much my subconscious was affecting my daily life?

2017. Spirituality deepens. Meaning, purpose, astrology, energy, chakras, intuition, authentic path / purpose, law of attraction, find my voice ... Stay with me …

2018. Bring it all together. Open Flow House, a Center for Holistic Psychotherapy, with amazing team of therapists. Holistic approach to mental health using all of these ideas to bring peace & healing to the whole mind-body. 

2019. Giving Flow everything I have so we can help more of you ❤️ Check us out to speak with me and get matched with one of our wonderful therapists!

Professional Trainings:
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): Part 1
Esther Perel : Relationship / Sexuality
Sue Johnson : Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
Terry Real : Relationship / Inner Child
Marie Manuchehri : Energy Intuitive
Jill Willard : Energy Intuitive
Considering getting certified in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies. Are you interested? Should I?

I attend Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society (sadly, now closed).

I served as Associate Producer of HBO's Golden-Globe winning psychotherapy show, "In Treatment" and EMDR consultant on Showtime's psychological drama series, "The Affair."